The Chef

Matthieu Colin was born on 27 October 1981 in Calais. Despite his young age, his career has been particularly successful.

After being awarded his CAP BEP (HND equiv.) at Saint-Pierre de Calais high school, he continued his training, taking a two year apprenticeship at the Meurin in Bethune. He continued to hone his skills for three years, employed as starter, meat and fish chef.

He then was hired by the Alain Ducasse group (recognised as the best chef in the world two years ago), where he soon became the Chef's assistant, before pursuing his career in a renowned Parisian restaurant "Le Pavillon Ledoyen", on the Champs Elysées. He began as a kitchen assistant, rose through the ranks to be promoted to assistant station chef and then first station chef.

Matthieu Collin is ahead of his time by nature, and is always looking for innovative recipes, particularly online.

With his wife Cindy, Matthieu Collin will welcome you to the Grand Bleu to tickle your taste buds in a pleasant setting...